The MAPSS Alumni Board

With over 75 years as the largest and most academically diverse program at the university, MAPSS has the largest number of alumni of any University of Chicago graduate program.

We are fortunate to belong to an alumni community comprised of diverse and accomplished individuals, each of whom successfully navigated the same intellectually challenging MAPSS program and went on to pursue a variety of unique and interesting careers. The mission of the alumni board is to forge and maintain strong connections between alumni and current students, by supporting program initiatives and building ties with both MAPSS and the broader University community. 

The MAPSS Alumni Board is an independent group of alumni working to cultivate an active, intellectually stimulating, and socially engaging community, while supporting the professional growth and transitions of fellow graduates throughout their careers. 

The board’s membership includes over 30 years of alumni, spanning numerous cohorts and industries. The board receives university funding, and partners with other UChicago programs and campus resources, to coordinate relevant programming for both current students and established alumni throughout the year.