Ryan Kacani – Board Member, Membership & Outreach Committee 

Ryan Kacani currently provides integrated project support –project design, analysis and reporting –to market research teams through his consultancy, Acanthus Consulting Solutions. Focusing on turning personal narratives into actionable brand strategies sand understanding relational flow in consumer-market networks, he has applied qualitative social science methodologies to projects in the pharmaceutical, financial, and educational sectors for growing research firms across the country.At MAPSS (2017 Cohort),Ryan studied the social, political, and religious history of the early Middle Ages, investigating the ways conversion to Christianity impacted extended kinship structures in England and France for his master’s thesis.He also spent time researching the entanglement of religion and gender with organic material objects. Before attending MAPSS, he studied history at Brandeis University, focusing his research on the semi-mythical transmission of living figures in medieval Danish literature and earning a bachelor’sdegree with highest honors. He spent the years in and around undergrad working and volunteering at various museums and archives, including the National Archives at Boston.This is Ryan’s first year serving on the MAPSS alumni board, where he is a part of the Membership & Outreach committee.Outside of work, Ryan spends much of his time designing and performing in theater productions with the Hyde Park Community Players, including an annual summer Shakespeare show staged in Nichols Park, right in the University of Chicago’s backyard. He is an avid collector of comic books and records, and plays drums in a band that recently returned from a year long, Fulbright-induced hiatus.